Tuesday, June 9, 2009

End of the School Year

Well, another year draws to a close. In many ways, this was my most successful year ever. I implemented a digital gallery and got 100% of my students represented (nearly 700 images). We reached almost 10,000 hits in one calendar year. At the beginning of every class this last week, I started with a slide show of that class's art, and it was really cool to see and hear the positive feedback from each group (some classes were reverentially quiet, others whooped and applauded)!(see title link to "Artsonia")
I also had my art club involved in an international, collaborative animation ("Rotoball 2009": http://www.vimeo.com/4374316). It was hard to pick up a program like "Flash" on the fly, but I did, and the art club students did a truly amazing job with their creative claymation, and then, turning each of the hundreds and hundreds of frames into a rotoscope.
My fourth grade made two clay bowls instead of one this year, and the donated, second pieces raised over $270 for "Empty Bowls", an international effort to fight hunger through the arts (http://www.emptybowls.net/EmptyBowlsProject.htm).
I am already thinking about which projects I think are "keepers", and where I'd like to see more innovation (hint: more technology). As an elementary art educator, I often feel the limitation of time & funds. Those hugs and handmade cards, those smiles and the excitement of wondering where this intriguing journey will lead keeps me psyched even though I admit, I'm tired.

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  1. Hi Lois- So glad your students could join us for the rotoball project, it was such an unique addition! Glad to see that you participated in empty bowls as well. My colleague started that at our school this year as well and it was a huge success! Glad to see good programs like that which combine art and action getting some traction!


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