Friday, June 12, 2009

First Summer Break Day: Routines & Rituals

A drizzly day, so much for some much anticipated gardening time... I played scrabble with my daughter, my son had a friend over (more a tech conference than a playdate at his age), and my mother-in-law also spent the day. After checking some dribbles of school-related emails, I eventually found myself looking for lesson plan ideas for next year. Each year, I go through the same rituals that ease me into a summer frame of mind: a)file all the old paperwork that I let build up on my drafting board at home; b)shred the older paperwork to make room in the filing cabinet for the newer stuff; c)give a cursory once-over to my art curriculum map while the year is still fresh in my mind; d)plan a few replacement projects. I also wash my art room apron and put away my "Bucket Boss" briefcase I lug to school everyday.
Today, it is a bit cool, but the sun is out. As promised, we are going to the movies. Later, the garden weeds have really gotten a jump on me with our longer school calendar and the rain.I actually find weeding to be very relaxing. I'm also getting ready for an upcoming art show and have some watercolor examples to finish for a class I teach next month. I've already decided not to be a daily blogger, but perhaps weekly, let's see how I do.
P.S. the title post is linked to an art from shredded paper site :)

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