Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Garage Sale Musings

Spent most of the day getting ready for the annual neighborhood garage sale. Goes without saying, we manage to have a lot of stuff, even with quarterly donations to "Purple Heart", "Goodwill", etc. I suppose part of the problem is that my whole family creates art, loves to antique, and we own way too many books... So, I got thinking about all the "recyclable" projects I do in a school year: altered books, recyclable castles, most "art club" projects (which has a budget of $0.00), wire armatures, etc. Every art teacher I know is extremely good at finding valid uses for obscure donated items (one year I got several boxes of small square & circular plastic tags, hey---we did Calder inspired stabiles with them). Anyway, I always save our myriad magazines and WSJ papers (so good because the kids aren't tempted to read them instead of covering the tables) for school use, in addition to always being "on the hunt" for garage sale finds like yarn,wire,& reference books.
Follow the title link to an amazing site featuring gorgeous art created from junk (hope your summer reveals treasures in unexpected places).

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