Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An Online App

I'm not new to "cloud computing": I've been known to use GoogleDocs, PixlR, and other applications that don't need to be downloaded. One of our district technology people recently sent me this (link directly from posting title):
It is a weird hybrid of Photoshop (less many of the more obscure filters that I prefer) and Illustrator (with less brush options). Still, I like the idea of utilizing something that marries features from both programs and does not have to be downloaded onto my school computers. I'm still on the fence about this app, but I am leaning towards using it with my whole class via Smartboard. I admit that I like it better than "ArtRage". Some of these free apps eventually become tiered fee scenarios (I ended up having to get "Voicethread Pro" for instance once I exceeded the free upload limit, and I like using "Voicethread" to describe grade level projects).
For lower grade levels that may not have access to Adobe programs, this could be a good fix. For older students, I still think that the "CreativeSuites" are important if students are preparing portfolios or need commercial art program expertise for future careers.

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