Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Imagine Nation

Follow the title link for arts advocacy information from "The Imagine Nation". Here's an excerpt:
Voters are most responsive to statements that link imagination to success in today’s knowledge economy and the 21st century, with more than half strongly agreeing with these statements.
In total, almost nine in ten agree that using the imagination is important to innovation and one’s success in a global knowledge-based economy (89 percent agree, 59 percent strongly) and essential to success in the 21st Century (86 percent agree, 58 percent strongly).
Statements that discuss combining the basics with the arts or the cultivation of the imagination are also compelling, with over half of voters strongly agreeing. Further, the majority of the electorate strongly agrees that an education in and through the arts provides students with the opportunity to develop their imagination...voters reveal strong support for an education that balances the basics with developing the imagination and inclusion of the arts...
Also, see this fun video.

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