Friday, August 7, 2009

Adding More Blog Gadgets

Although I am almost done with my curriculum map, I got a bit sidetracked cross-referencing all my online references for use in my art room, etc. So now, my Delicious bookmarks have Stumble-Upon on them & vice-versa, ditto for Voicethread; hopefully, keeping these in the "cloud" instead of on scraps of paper or district server will be more useable. The latest blog addition is the Slideshare sidebar gadget. I've got to remember that embed codes need to be added using the HTML feature in blogger, not the "add by URL" feature (do you like how I'm adding crib notes into my own blog--that's because I know that I'll forget). Also, I need to be sure the tags need to have an "opening" and "closing" to work. I do not write code, but with a little help from my son, I was able to figure out where I went wrong the first time. As far as my school webpages go, I'm adding WordPress functionality to them for updating ease (there's some coding instructions at the WP link).

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