Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adobe Resources

I started the day trying to find cool, new ideas for teaching "Illustrator" & "Photoshop". "Lesson Planet" does not even let you preview things for free without entering a credit card! Thank goodness for Adobe, and in addition to the lesson plans linked to the title, there's Adobe TV--both free (of course, the programs cost you, but still....)I'm planning on using the computers as centers this year, so I want to create 3-4 projects students could do independently all year long, rotationally.

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  1. When you search for "Photoshop Adobe" on Lesson Planet you will see over 200 teacher reviews to online lessons related to that subject. While we do require a card, the free trial gives you 10 days to explore all 150,000 lessons without any risk. - Support


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