Monday, September 7, 2009

Late Start but Super-Ready

Got the SB running (though it still "ghosts" due to wiring, but that can wait), got the printer cartridges in, posters are up, class lists (all 27 homerooms) are entered in my hard copy and online Gradebooks, & everything starts on Tuesday the 8th! We had our two teacher workdays and parent open house last week, then three days to recuperate and say goodbye to summer. Every time the school year starts, I get ridiculously excited and can't sleep. Looking forward to even more technology integrations, building up the hand skills with the problem-solving and self-monitoring. Once again, art will be on Artsonia, art club will do the yearbook cover and Rotoball, and I'm resurrecting the newspaper club (but it will be blog-based). Stay tuned because 2009/2010 should be a hoot!See the title link for my latest crazy idea--The Shorties. For opening day rituals for art, see this from ART:21.

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