Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grading and Drawing Blinders

The first month flew by, as always, and now I have nearly 750 art projects to grade (luckily, using a 4 point scale), and already feel like I am falling behind. Unlike last year, I decided to use the blind contour drawings my third graders did as a drawing exercise only, not part of a bigger project, and I am really glad I did that. Instead, they did tangram pictures from one piece of paper, embellished with line, and the drawing with blinders activity was paced last in the unit as a way to reinforce the importance of really LOOKING as they are drawing. It was cool to see students cheer when they "got" it! I felt sort of like "Yoda" as I circulated throughout the room cajoling students to relax, focus on the object, keep their "blinders" on, etc.

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