Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Webtools and Adrinkra Symbols

It's been a nice week, especially our 70 degree, autumnal, colorful day today. Still trying to parse whether I go web hosting on my own (easier to modify), or stick with the district server (free). Regardless, title links to a nice resource. So then, decided to extend my third graders stencil unit which had an Adinkra "symbol frame" surrounding their compositions. The students were spellbound by the video of these textiles being printed (easy to find on "you tube"). Plus, they loved picking their symbols, which was a pleasant surprise. So next week, we will do an extra Adinkra drawing, which will also give the absentees time to catch-up on the original project. So, I whipped up an example while basking in the last warm sun rays during my lunch.

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