Friday, November 27, 2009

Beyond Elements and Principles

Instead of going all "Black Friday", I went cyber-sleuthing for more curriculum ideas, and came across the post-modern art ed thoughts of Olivia Gude (see link). Her basic premise is that DBAE, focused on mainly the elements and principles of art, does a disservice to art students. I am a hybridizer by nature, taking inspiration for curriculum and my own work from many sources. Yet, I don't think teaching elementary students about the "10 types of line" drawn 4 different ways is a bad thing for instance, because students then have a visual vocabulary to start with. Plus, although a high school student may get "recontextualization", would anybody younger understand the new principle? I appreciate Gude's thought-provoking ideas, though. Also, here's a video which speaks to the 21st century student we all have.

Born Digital from Oakes Media on Vimeo.

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