Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Designer Animals vs. Holiday Art

We're wrapping up a big drawing unit in fourth grade, and as I watched the students color, blend, and shade beautifully with their colored pencils, I thought about all the bad holiday art that was forced on elementary students ages ago (like that infamous hand-traced turkey, or snowman made of cotton balls). To be sure, even in first or second grade, I knew we were getting ripped-off cognitively and creatively! Watching my students working so diligently, even the day before a holiday break, just confirmed my whole "education through the arts" premise: make it accessible and interesting and great things will happen. The fourth grade had choices of what they wanted to do, but the title links to the resource we had the most fun with on the Smartboard, "switchzoo"....For those of you who must have a turkey--try to make one out of tans, as you follow along with "Grandfather Tang's Story" (an integrative lesson which shows that "holiday art" can be so much more).

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