Friday, November 13, 2009

Doing DaVinci

Every year, it's a struggle to design a good drawing unit that the kids emotionally vest in. This year, my fourth graders had a drawing "design challenge" choice of either designing a rocket ("10,000 Rockets" competition was the inspiration), a font, or a designer animal (by combining at least two types of animals). Choices help the students get excited about a project, but the biggest scaffolding success was relating the drawings of Leonardo daVinci (see link) to our drawing and designing process. Specifically, drawing simple shapes first, drawing lightly, refining/layering--all easily visible in daVinci's drawings, especially his invention drawings. So many students have watched or heard of "Doing daVinci" on the Discovery channel, and it made the artist from over five hundred years ago seem modern and cool! ( & I left all the info. up on my Smartboard after the introduction discussion so students could interact with the images at leisure)

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