Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Voting, Videos, and "One-Day Clay"

Yesterday was voting day, and the music room next door to me is a community polling venue. Our vocal music teacher becomes a cart-based gal that day, while band (one one side), and myself (art, on the other side), try to be a little quieter for that one day. Well, also happened to be the day for my fifth grade to do "one-day clay", where we roll-out a slab, make a container, and get the art room back in order in 45 minutes (see title link for the inspiration artist). This is not a quiet activity, and I can only wonder what the folks on the other side of the collapsible, noise-permeable wall thought! To add to all the activity, I was trying to help a student edit video and upload it to our newspaper club blog. Multiple roadblocks included having an upload error on Blogger, then the file just over the 100 MB limit for TeacherTube (arrgh!), which was my work-around, and so I made a quick edit in iMovie and so hoping that it works.

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