Thursday, December 31, 2009

End of Year Finds

Last post of 2009 & a good year in total. I'm ending this year's worth of posts with 3 unrelated "finds". Heard about a classroom management guru called Marvin Marshall, and the title links to his simple, straightforward list of teaching procedures to help a classroom run smoothly (first thing-the expectation for entering a classroom, which made me happy because we start art with "a beautiful thought"). Find #2-another place educators can create websites for free (free hosting also), and even have blogs (it's called Weebly). If I had not already invested a lot of time and energy in redesigning my own web pages (and getting some code written), I would go this route (simpler, faster). The final find for '09-a fellow teacher's blog, "Making Teachers Nerdy", has wonderful resources and sense of humor, too (a former tech integrationist put back into the classroom goes all-out on project based learning--hello)! Okay, here's 45 online art generation sites from that blog (bonus link).

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