Thursday, December 24, 2009

Recyclable Sculptures Before Break

Since we started after Labor Day due to school construction, school went through Wed., Dec. 23rd. I had anticipated students being absent and some off-task issues, but just like the good driving weather we've been enjoying, I was very pleasantly surprised! My third and fourth graders are wrapping up cartooning units, and the fifth graders are halfway into a sculpture project from recyclable items brought in (nobody tried a toilet paper tube face like the pik, but cardboard tubes were a hot commodity in fifth grade). All the classes were very engaged, creative, collaborating and problem-solving, and I felt like my holiday present came early. Which brings me to the Reggio Emilia method of teaching preschoolers (see title link); I have to say that having students bring their own materials for the sculptures created a positive buzz, and definitely made my art room the most "happening" room to be in. Note to self: keep these units in the same spot for next year's curriculum map. Here's a resource for planning such a lesson, including downloads, from the Collaborative Arts Resources for Education.

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