Monday, January 18, 2010

Books For Elementary Curriculum

A post came up on Art Ed 2.0, which asked what books would be helpful for elementary teachers who might want to incorporate art into their classroom lessons. Here's my reply: "Honestly, I have yet to find a good elementary art book that is not too "crafty", or that nurtures students true creative impulses. I get my best art curriculum inspiration from children's books, magazines like "Muse" & "Cricket", and trends that kids are interested in like Anime and stop-motion animation ("Coraline", "The Fantastic Mr. Fox"). I know that many classroom teachers think that if they are doing a book report, illustrating a cover is an art integration, and to my way of thinking, it is not (but better than nothing). Additionally, many teachers are scared of messes, so maybe books on the simplest stuff, like basic watercolor, very basic clay (or Sculpey, Play-Doh, Fimo, Etc.),also on digital photography & using simple programs like "Photostory" would be a place to start. The Caldecott website has many links to great illustrators' websites, and that would also be a great shelf: illustrators and how they make their illustrations. Now that I'm thinking about it, books on making books, like pop-ups, accordion books, altered books, would also be be very classroom friendly and lend themselves to more authentic integrations. I commend you on seeing this need, and hope you post your finds." Now, a suggested book was "The Power of Pictures: Creating Pathways to Literacy through Art, Grades K-6" by Betyh Olshansky & I think I might just check it out. For those of us who need something ASAP, check the meta-link page off the posting title....

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