Saturday, January 30, 2010

Powerful Projects

Powerful projects is a list of art-based projects that are collaborative and/or raise funds/awareness. I have implemented several of these projects in the last two years and found the experiences for both my students and myself to be powerful as well as fun. Another fun collaborative art room activity is drawing (from Craig Roland): 1) The Stacking Game. Works best with roll paper. The idea is to create a drawing that involves stacking things on top of one another. Animals are a great subject, although other things can be stacked up too. One person draws say an elephant, the other draws say a zebra on top of the elephant, and so on. The drawing continues until you run out of space or interest. (2) "How many . . . .can you draw on one page?" I do this in pairs or groups of 4 and use 18 x 24 " paper or larger. You fill in the topic they fill up every inch of the paper. (for example, "How many monsters can you draw on one page?" Both of these ideas came from the Wilson's book Teaching Children to Draw.
Another collaborative item: this past week we had group critiques of our recyclable sculptures in fifth grade art, and I think the experience was fruitful for students and myself. I used "thinking questions" to elicit initial responses, but things got rolling very quickly on their own!

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