Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Thinking Animation Again

The time crunch begins--getting art club rolling for Rotoball and my mind is very much on animation. This year, we are doing a paper-based animation (last year, we did claymation). The title links to an awesome "PortaPortal". Now that we are back from break, we need to start shooting the 500 or so frames for the 15 second video ASAP. Here's a superb flip book (thanks David Gran for finding)...I'm extremely interested in the Indonesian style of puppetry, and would like to play with jointing our figures for movement. If I can figure out how to drop a background in, we'll do that too, but perhaps cast shadows are the way to go? There's a music video that uses both styles wonderfully. Still pondering our direction...On another note, took down all the art in the halls (except showcases) & everything looks empty. Perhaps absence will build anticipation?

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