Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art Room Showcase

Just un-burying my art room from all the recyclable castles and outsider art sculptures fifth grade worked on collaboratively (over 50 of them), plus the 250 third grade pinch pots are still in the kiln room in various stages of firing, and also the 250 clay tiles fourth grade are working on are also in the kiln room getting air-dried before the first bisque firing. I probably need twice the storage space I currently have to adequately manage sculptures, but I make do because the students love 3D work! The title links to some interesting art rooms, but space aside, I love my art room the best (not posted online, by the way). Also wrapping up our Rotoball 2010 animation, finished the last set of pictures on Friday (225 still motion shots in total)--let the editing begin! Here's a link to emergent art technology tutorials like podcasting, iMovie, and bamboo tablets (all of which I've used :).

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