Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Free Collaborative Art Mag for HS & College

From their online magazine: "CREO's mission is to create real-world opportunities for students to explore visual culture, to give voice to their ideas, and to become active learners and citizens....'Creo' is Latin for 'to create'...a quarterly, online magazine that explores visual culture from the student perspective...on a mission to create real-world opportunities for burgeoning explore the collision of art and culture...dedicated to empowering students to interpret their world, cultivate discussions, and inspire others while sharing their own work...a venue for students to be active participants rather than passive recipients of their world." Worth checking out--the spring issue is linked to the title, the summer issue will be available in May, with student submissions due by March 31st. Additionally, I found an online interactive textbook (by Charlotte Jirousek) titled "Art, Design, & Visual Thinking", which is geared for college level, but still has useful tidbits for any art education level (please note that the textbook is copyrighted)...As for my art program, went through 500 pounds of clay in 2 weeks and am grading cartoons (also 500, two grade levels worth).We've been having a lot of fun and making a lot of mess on these wintry days. Nothing seems homier than the kiln clicking away in the background as the school day draws to a close.

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