Thursday, March 18, 2010

Science Fairs and Art

I've been attending several science fairs for my own kids lately, and just today, I found several links for art/science connections. The title link is for pinhole cameras, but many science projects are at this site. Then, for elementary kids, the photography4pintsized site is useful. Another resource for pinhole cameras from scratch here. This site leans towards engineering type projects. Also ran into an old grad school pal at one science fair (which made sense since she teaches science). All this got me thinking how much ART is in EVERYTHING: science, technology, literacy, culture, etc. Definitely this summer, I'm building & using a pinhole camera. On the other end of the tech spectrum, we're finally getting back on the Macs in the art room for Photoshop rotations. This means, of course, that I want to do a major Photoshop project this summer for an art show entry. I'll keep you posted.

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