Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Lego Lawyer

"New York corporate attorneys are known for working the long hours. I find myself working long hours now as well, but I'm doing something I love. ... The worst day in the art studio is still better than the best day in the law firm."(quote from CNN story on Nathan Sawaya, NY lawyer turned Lego artist). This is a cool story for hard times: someone who chose their talent over financial security, and it turned out great (see the whole story at his website, linked to title). Of course, there are other artists sculpting with "bricks" like Sean Kenney. Plus, here's an education link for Lego-based learning... We were a Lego family for a long time and I know they are "brainy toys" from personal experience. It's cool that with modern sculptors and brick films, they still inspire.

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