Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tate Tools & Earth Week Cool

The Tate has six video modules that include "Looking At and Thinking About Art" and "What Happened to the Object? Conceptual Art". The Tate Tools modules are created in PowerPoint with Flash elements, and curriculum notes are also at the site...This week, our school goes all out for "Earth Week", with daily activities, pizza box sculptures, grocery bag eco-decorating, and a visit from "Mother Earth" (a fellow teacher). A favorite link for matching materials to recyclable projects is at Trashmatcher. This year I've done multiple projects using recyclables including: weaving (adaptive art), recyclable sculpture/Outsider art (fifth grade), altered books (fifth grade), collage (third & fourth grade). Also, a majority of my art club projects utilize donated materials. In fact, I think that Tate module about conceptual art (Duchamp was a recycler with his "readymades" if you think about it), might be a good one to show this week.

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