Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ning Alternatives

Great PLC groups have grown via Ning-based sites (Art Ed 2.0, Smartboard ning, etc.), but sadly, the ning freebies are over (see title link for the pricing announcement). Although I do not have my own networking site, I know a lot of teachers use them for their classes. Here are some options: Spruz and WackWall. Both sites have migration and import tools for ning users. So, is this the future of cloud computing--use a beta program for free, then pay a fee down the road or find another "newbie app" that is low or no-cost? I remember being so excited about a sketchcast program, but then it suddenly disappeared..Luckily, creative problem-solving is an embedded skill for art educators and artists, so off we go into the net for free app sourcing! (I'll post what I find...)

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