Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Paper Airplane Time & One Day

Now that spring is here, summer just around the corner, here's a great link for paper airplane patterns from world record holder, Ken Blackburn (end of the year lesson plan incorporating engineering maybe?). Also, signed my art club for the "One Day on Earth" project next year, filming 24 hours on 10.10.10. Here's the site. Educators can get a free toolkit.

The founding principles of "One Day On Earth" (source: www.onedayonearth.org)

1. Perspective: We are creating a time capsule for the whole world to better understand itself.
We strive to find out who we are as human beings because it is beneficial to our sustainability as a species.
2. Inclusivity: The project is free and open to all people, cultures, creeds, and nationalities.
3. Individuality: We are here to empower your voice. The individual, you, are being given a chance to put something in the world's time capsule. You have one day to document what matters most to you.
This is a celebration of individual beliefs, expression and perspective.
4. Community : We strive to connect people through both their differences and similarities. We strive to
create and support future collaborations amongst participants. We strive to create a community that fosters communication.
5. Education: The process of creating, interacting and viewing our project will have educational value for students of all ages. We will strive to support any educational institution that wishes to participate in the project with the necessary tools to do so.
6. Technology: We will always embrace any technology that better allows us to live up to our principles
We realize this project is only now possible because of the evolution of technology and we will always grow with technology to make an even better picture of the world.

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