Monday, June 28, 2010

21st Century Skills Reflection 1

We had our introduction meeting this morning from 8 a.m. to noon, and it was nice to see a colleague who went to another building, plus meet three new people on staff at other buildings. The whole class, I was pretty much thinking, "Glory Hallelujah!"; this is a class that will extend what I already do with tech. Joined the wiki (helped that I already had an account), ditto for adding my 2 blogs to the contact list, got a Twitter account (which I had previously, erroneously, thought was for tween texters and celebs). I linked the post title to our wiki, and I'm planning on going all-in for those 30 PDU's...I think it will be tremendous fun, in fact, I anticipate getting a whole new world of resources from this. I knew things would be good when Andrew showed my favorite "TedTalk" with Sir Ken Robinson. My favorite quote: "Creativity is as important as literacy...and should be treated with equal status!"


  1. Good things Lois..

    I think Twitter will be the long standing most misunderstood learning tool for quite some time to come. I surely had the same misconceptions that the majority of folks did, exactly akin to what you expressed in your blog post.

  2. I love the bovine art by the way, especially the cow prancing around in the mid-ground; it actually looks like it has a springy step.


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