Friday, June 4, 2010

E-Learning Edublog

Thanks to "Artfully" who already compiled a masterly list of e-learning sites specifically for educators (main link). Then, here's "55+ Extremely Useful Online Generators for Designers" . Lastly, online instructional design resources... I have done "e-learning" for some of my graduate credits for license renewal, plus this year, my son will take an online class, yet I admit to mixed feelings on this topic. In a recent ArtEd2.0 thread, we discussed what makes a teacher "boring". I have to wonder, if students are not engaged in a classroom setting, will an online venue be any better? I've gotten a lot out of my own PLN (personal learning network), but for me, the "magic" happens in the classroom, with the students, and each day brings a different dynamic that I enjoy. I guess that I look at this as another media in the teacher's palette; I hope we can still engage learners in multiple modalities.

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