Friday, June 18, 2010

Sketchcast is Back

For a while there, Sketchcast disappeared, but it is back and I plan on making several over the summer to support my curriculum. Of course, Jing also is available, and that will come in handy for the Photoshop tutorial I plan to make over the summer, too. I'm starting a "tip-in" project with 29 other art educators all over the country, where we all design an art page (10X) to mail out & share, getting 10 other pages in return, which are then inserted (tipped-in) to a discarded book. Here's a lesson plan for tip-ins. Plus, the usual summer plans of gardening, family, catching up on the house projects, and the summer is full. I'm hoping to complete a print for an upcoming art show, plus I got a cool present from a student--a sketchbook! I'd love to fill it up, then bring it back for all my students that I exhorted to draw over the summer.

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