Wednesday, July 14, 2010

#BTB21: Ted Talk

As part of my tech class, I researched some "TedTalks" and found a beauty (linked to title), Benoit Mandelbrot himself ( I had assumed he was dead!) describing, in his lovely French accent, "order in the world of roughness". As I teach fractals in art, specifically designing the easiest ones--Scierpinski Triangle, I had to watch. Mandelbrot did not disappoint. He explained that, if you fill in a Brownian Motion, you get an island. The three math whizzes who took twenty years to derive the proof ended up with a Fields Medal in Mathematics. You can find fractal aspects in such widely varied things as cauliflower, ancient Japanese art, the Eiffel Tower, music, and the stock market. The Mandelbrot Set (see pictoral representation of formula) predicts all these things with the elegant equation of z->z(squared)+c...This just proves my theory that art is in everything!

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