Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapters 2/3 in "Powerful Learning"

The blog title links to ORC resources for metacognitive teaching: "ORC enhances teaching and learning by promoting standards-based best practices in mathematics, science, and reading for Ohio schools and universities. ORC serves as a trusted source of easily accessible, peer-reviewed, high-quality, and effective resources" Basically, both chapters about teaching for understanding, whether it is in reading (chapter two) or math (chapter three) focus on the importance of teaching not just procedural knowledge, but conceptual knowledge. Additionally, best practices research shows data supporting inquiry instruction as more cognitively powerful. Okay, sold on all counts, but where does art (my content expertise) come in? A:
Embed math/reading curriculum "throughout the curriculum and throughout the school day." The description of the "five interwoven strands of mathematical proficiency" for instance, just as easily describe my art curriculum: "conceptual understanding...procedural fluency...strategic competence...adaptive reasoning...productive disposition. (p.142)" Using reading strategies in the art room can engage students and support literate behavior, which projects like CORI and GIsML exemplify...All the more reason why the sketchbook revision to my curriculum is necessary (more on that in the fall).

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