Wednesday, August 11, 2010

P21=Art & Design

I started a discussion on Art Ed 2.0 relevant to our BTB 21 class, regarding P21 as it relates to art. A much-admired art teacher responded right away, "Three approaches to education are on the table right now:
Common Core - more specificity about the content of learning (history, science, etc.)
NCLB - focus on tools for learning (reading, writing, and math)
P21 (Partnership for 21st Century Skills) - developing problem-solving skills

If you expand the P21 Skills what you have is "Design Thinking" - problem solving by 1. identifying and clarifying the problem, 2. researching the problem and previous attempts to solve it, 3. Developing criteria necessary for a satisfactory resolution of the problem, 4. Generating possible solutions (brainstorming), 5. Apply the criteria developed in step 3 to possible solutions developed in step 4 to selected the most likely candidate, 6. Generate some prototypes of the selected solution, 7. Present the solution and implement it, 8. Evaluate the results by seeing if it works in the real world.

This is the standard Design Thinking process but is not really the kind of problem-solving we do in Art. I suggest we add Design to our identity - Art and Design - in order to signal our willingness to address and work to solve real world problems."
I am in complete agreement! Check out the online andDesign blog.

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