Friday, September 17, 2010

Two Integrations

This past week, I reinforced curriculum in two grade levels, in two content areas. The first one was 5th grade Science, where a teacher grabbed me in the hall, excited about using paint techniques to help students understand animal camouflage. Immediately, I was able to share that as third graders, we covered many paint techniques like spatter, combing, and wash. I pulled together an original Powerpoint with the techniques explained, visualized, and the related animal camouflage, ending with science websites to explore and current artworks using camouflage as a technique. Second integration reinforcement was at the request of the fourth grade teachers, who have asked me to reinforce geometry terms, and especially things like symmetry and tessellations. I found an excellent resource, which blended seamlessly into our Smartboard-based discussions during the "flip-flop drawing unit". As "Arts in Education" week ends, I really feel like this past week exemplifies how important the arts are in learning (see title link for more on that topic, including integrative units).

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