Friday, September 24, 2010


from "andDesign":
"Scott McCloud has written books about 'Understanding Comics' and 'Making Comics' but everyone has come to understand that his ideas are about much more than comics. McCloud is one of the world's top analysts of visual communication - how it is done, what it means, why it's important.
McCloud talks about three types of "vision".
1. What one can not see - the unseen and unknowable. (Humanities)
2. That which can be proven or ascertained. (Sciences)
3. A vision of something which can be, which may be, based on knowledge, but is as yet unproven. (Design)" ---citation: Dr. Martin Rayala, 2010.

Even after a rigorous week of teaching studio skills and perseverance, I still am amazed by all the connections we make in the art classroom. How I love to hear, "Now I get it!"

We are wrapping up or line units and moving on to "color" in October (fitting, as the temperature is expected to drop 30 degrees in one day, which I imagine will jump-start the leaves to unfurl their glorious hues). One thing I am doing vastly different from last year, opening up the fifth grade clay project from slab-construction to a nearly pure sculptural experience. Of course, this means that I will be storing 250 clay pieces for nearly a month & trying to keep them workable. Here's a hint to the clay concept...

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