Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Clay Gargoyles and Dragons

We are having fun, fun, fun in 5th grade art right now! Starting with a Smartboard walk-through of some of the amazing gargoyles on the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. (see title link), and a discussion of architecture (the sculptures are actually downspouts!), we moved into making 2 pinch pots. Storing 250 pieces of wet clay is a challenge, but I've been saving those plastic grocery bags forever...Then, this week (week 2, art once a week for 50 minutes in 5th grade), we started adding gargoyle or dragon features. We will finish up next week. I told the students that we have to wait to add long tails or horns until next week so they do not get "smushed" in the bags. Also decided to stuff them with crumpled paper before we adhered the 2 pinch pots together (a good call, as some students are a little heavy-handed with their Score/Slip/Secure method). What a fun, exhausting week! It will be at least Thanksgiving before we start seeing the pieces come out of bisque-firing because I want to air-dry SLOW, fire even SLOWER. Of course, then we will glaze.

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