Friday, October 22, 2010

Pacing and Mock-ups

I had a great early morning;days like today just feed the creative juices! I spent some quality planning time mocking-up a project I decided to transform from a simple "Paper Story" to a more interesting accordion book project based on an integrative conversation I had with a fellow teacher after our staff meeting yesterday. Long story short, I believe in working out the possible kinks with a mock-up of my own, then plan the lesson (reverse designing), yet still giving some open-ends to the creative process. The title link is to Marvin Bartel's wonderful source on planning/pacing, but here's an excerpt: "(Students) need confidence to experiment with expressive approaches. They need to appreciate the learning that comes from mistakes and to see how "happy accidents" happen. Sour lemons make great lemonade with the right additions. Empower them by building their confidence...Do not be tempted to tell them that quality doesn't matter...Say, 'I often make mistakes when I am learning a new thing...'"
"Never do any of the work for the students...Good teaching is making the hard stuff easier and making the easy stuff harder, but a good teacher never does the work and never solves the problem for the student. If you must draw to illustrate a point, do it on your own paper - never on theirs."
Here's a picture of what I worked on, based on the lovely work of Beatrice Coron.

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