Friday, October 29, 2010

Sketchbooks are Back!

Over the years, I've gone back and forth on the "sketchbook issue" for the elementary level. We've made them and used them, but somehow the results were not as good as I had hoped. This year, though, I resolved to give it another go, but with the fifth grade. Plus, to get them more vested in them, we made them by hand & not just the old "fold & staple". I had the students use paper punches and take their time for one, then we went through a modified "Japanese stab binding" technique. Maybe it was the novelty of using yarn, or the "safety needles", or just the idea of learning an old-fashioned bookbinding technique in a Kindle era, but the students really, really liked making their sketchbooks. I actually heard students say, "I like the idea of my own sketchbook!" YES!!! It was also kind of nice to sit myself down and do a little drawing of my own (we were drawing dragons this week) alongside the students. I found myself more relaxed afterward, wishing I could find sketch time more often during my crazy day. So, we will keep them in the flat file, to sketch in here and there, and hopefully see some nice progress (I had the students date their drawings). The title links to an extensive visual bounty of artist Jim Pollock's sketchbooks, plus I've added the "Sketchbook Project" button at the bottom of my blog (good resources there, too). Just to be fair to my third and fourth graders, their projects are turning out nicely, too (collage and printmaking, respectively), but my mind is on how cool it was to just DRAW.

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