Friday, December 10, 2010

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This was a crazy week---with snow days, delayed starts,etc. Continuity is always a concern, but I was able to use some of the time brainstorming for next year. I would like to keep on reinforcing the connectedness of the visual arts in everything, and thanks to "inDesign" online magazine (please see title link), Dr. Martin Rayala beautifully sums up the importance of including "design thinking"in the curriculum:
"Students need to learn design thinking today:
1. Ideation (Identifying, clarifying and researching a problem)
2. Visualization (brainstorming, generating potential solutions)
3. Prototyping (selecting a possible solution and testing it by making models)
4. Implementation (present the best solution, produce it, disseminate it and evaluate it.)"
Which brings us to PBL--we are starting a PBL project in fifth grade next week, and it will run for at least four weeks. I also want to revise my Yupo project a bit, to scaffold the synthesis and application components (technique-wise, all is good, but I still think this unit could be richer).

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