Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cartooning and Yupo

Third grade artists completed a shorter unit on “cartooning the Emberley way”. This involved learning about drawing with simple shapes and building up the cartoon forms (which is what cartoonists do in the real world, and is a basic drawing skill to master at this age level). The drawing alphabet is posted here, and Mr. Emberley has a wonderful site for young artists at the title link...Fifth grade artists completed a two-week project, watercolor on “Yupo”. Yupo is a synthetic paper which is reworkable because the media "floats" on top instead of soaking in. We started by doing large washes of color, then applied cling wrap to the wet paper. A day later, I took the plastic wrap off to reveal already stunning textural watercolors! The second week’s cognitive challenge, involving higher-order reasoning skills, was to “find” an overall image to unify their composition, then reinforce it with careful additions with outlining and detailing with watercolor.

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