Saturday, January 8, 2011

First Week Back

You never really leave your art room, but the two weeks of winter break helped me catch up on planning while relaxing. This first week back was full of sculptural units (puppet making in 3rd grade and recyclable sculptures in 5th). I've gotten pretty good at managing all the messes we make, and the pre-mix papier mache powder was quite the mess. Loved seeing students dragging in all the boxes and tubes from the holidays as the basis for their sculptures, and you know the project is a success already when so many students remember over break! I actually prefer old-fashioned newspaper strips /wallpaper paste for sculpture units, but I had two boxes of the pre-mix to use up (no waste here ;), so 3rd grade has nice, puffy puppet heads layered over their newspaper/paper towel tube armatures.
Next year, I'm going with plaster strips for third, I think. The puppet unit is new, and I researched the history of puppets, creating a SB interactive time line for us to sort through. Quite interesting, and I'm glad I took the time to do that. We are behind on the Mon./Tues. people, so the mess continues for a few more days, then on to painting and embellishments. Management-wise, fourth grade is on a large cartooning unit (all about proportions, nice math tie-in), so there is a break in the media management. I always thought a stop-motion video of "a day in the art room" would be hilarious---studio clean-up by the students is top notch by second semester, but we really mess/clean-up the room six times a day, every day. Talking about motion, the title links to a compare/contrast of a static magazine cover featuring Emma Watson, and the "moving" version for iPad. Now, that would make an interesting HS composition project, "design a cover for both static and dynamic media."

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