Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Passion-Driven Classroom

Just finished reading a book from our curriculum director, The Passion Driven Classroom.From the Eyes on Education website (see title link):"This book presents ideas for planning and implementing a Clubhouse Classroom, where passion meets practice every day. In the Clubhouse Classroom, students learn new skills and explore their talents with the help of educators who are invigorated by the subjects they teach." I've always felt that I could never be an art teacher unless I was totally passionate about the subject, facilitating creativity, hence the name of my blogs, "Art24/7" & "More Art 24/7". What really resonated was the list of student comments about how you know if students are vested, too. Things like, "WOW!", "When do we get to do that?", "Can I come in to work on this?", etc. I hear these types of comments a lot in my art room! I revisit the curriculum and my teaching when I don't. From the preface:
"Unbridled enthusiasm, engagement, and passion gradually fade. By the time they reach secondary school, these have nearly disappeared...As teachers, our role is challenging. We operate in a standards-based,data-driven educational era (Hargreaves, 1994). In subtle and in not-so subtle ways, we are asked to ignore the creative, critical, and powerful force of passion in teaching and learning. Fidelity to the curriculum and preparation for the test have become the priority...We have teacher-proofed the curriculum and a result, we have passion-proofed the learning" [p.xviii, preface, Maiers and Sandvold, The Passion-Driven Classroom: A Framework for Teaching & Learning, copyright 2011 Eye On Education, Inc. Larchmont, NY. All rights reserved.]
One last thought, about the word origin of "passion"; it comes from Latin,"passus" which literally means "suffering". So, passion is not just about having fun "projects", but working hard, wanting to work hard in your learning. That's when you know the learning experience is rich.

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  1. Hello,

    I'm so glad you enjoyed "The Passion-Driven Classroom!"

    If you're interested, here's an interview with the two authors about the book ( and here's a classroom tip from the book about The Resident-Expert Wall (

    Thank you again,

    Morgan Dubin
    Marketing Associate
    Eye On Education


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