Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Books of Beautiful Trash

Thoughts on some units thus far: definitely adding a "Purple Hands/Palaces" project (see prior post (3rd grade integration with guidance); wishing the cartooning unit (4th grade) was "jazzier" and I'm looking at the artwork of Rama Hughes for inspiration (collaborative comics or comic anthologies or comic "jams")--to make the project more collaborative/"Passion-Driven"; puppets---possibly a performance component? Then, I'm also thinking "Girbino Strands", which align with state standards of course, but connect to at least one of four main organizing media categories (I'll post more on that later, but suffice to say, one category is "animation/technology", plus I want to get a sketchbooking component in there). So,having lots of interesting discussions in class about leaving your marks/not erasing, or at the very least, not giving up on your art. Found this great idea from Rama, who pulled items out of the trash all year and bound them into books which he called "The Books of Beautiful Trash"---brilliant! Right now, we are investigating "pattern" in art, and so far, students seem to love the initial project stages. The French curves that fourth graders are using have been a particular hit, I just wish I had more since sharing the six sets (18 curves) I squeaked out of the budget were not nearly enough for 28 students, but they all shared pretty well. The "old school" art tools might be making a comeback! Here are some oldies at "The Museum of Forgotten Art Supplies". If you know what "pick-up" or a "Lucy" is, then you know what I'm talking about :).

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