Sunday, March 27, 2011

2D Design: It's Not Just A Poster

From Art Ed 2.0, Dr. Martin Rayala has some suggestions for those "poster contests" we get requests for:
"2D Graphic Design should be part of a complete visual literacy program. A poster design involves students in doing a variety of jobs:

1. Art Direction - the whole thing has to be managed and pulled together.

2. Writing - the main concept for the poster - headline and body copy - need to be written.

3. Type designing - the poster is going to need special lettering for the main theme.

4. Illustration - a well executed illustration or photo will be needed to anchor the poster.

5. Layout - All of the above needs to be laid out.

6. Production - The final poster needs to be printed or produced (adding credits, etc.).

Run the students through the typical design process:

A. Ideation - what will the theme of the poster be? What do we really want to say? What is more unusual, effective, unexpected?

B. Visualization - everyone do a bunch of sketches to show some possibilities. Brainstorm - build on each others ideas.

C. Prototype - mock up some possibilities to see which are most promising.

D. Implementation - produce the final posters."

I have used similar structure in an advertising unit I've done with 5th graders in the past, and it has been quite successful. Right now, I'm reworking my curriculum map for next year, and possibly, this could be a huge literacy/technology integration.
Check the title link for 27 design tips structured by the elements & principles of art.

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