Sunday, March 6, 2011

Digital Natives and Design Thinking

Recently, I've been thinking deeply about "design thinking" and how structuring more lessons around real-world applications is important. A book has been recommended to me, "Teaching Digital Natives Partnering for Real Learning", by Marc Prensky, and it is on my next-to-read list.I'd like to make the ideation and prototyping stages more important, and even pull-in architectural thinking, game design thinking, technology skills---all of it spiraled in with the hand-skills. Much of what we are already doing is so good; having just hung art for the annual spaghetti dinner, I was really proud of our k-12 art program.
Some ideas Dr. Martin Rayala suggested to me through an education forum: "Look at what Ideation and visualization look like - post-it notes, sketches, mind-maps, photos, notes, etc. - show the process the students go through. Make the thinking the display. Parents will love it. Teach the students to think visually - with designed text (different hand-drawn type faces), sketches (of people, places and things), photos, frames around topics (thought balloons, boxes, explosion boxes, etc.), connectors between related ideas (arrows, lines, dashes, etc.), bullets of various design to show ideas on a topic (stars, black dots, open circles, squares, etc.), and shadows to make these things pop out from the wall.
Everyone will love to see for their own eyes the process of thinking the students go through to come up with ideas and to solve problems. Show them 10 sketches the students did beforehand that show how they were thinking through the problem."

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