Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smartboard Figure Drawing/Cartooning Reflections

Just found a very helpful online site called “Figure It Out”, which really lends itself to drawing figures proportionally. I wish I had it when we did our cartooning unit, but better late than never. Basically, you just pose the figure, draw over it, then drop the figure out. Perfect for the Smartboard. Okay, so this year, we really focused on trying to come up with good story lines for the 4th grade cartooning unit as a Language Arts integration: Comics in the Classroom as an Introduction to Narrative Structure. Students got the proportions right, the process of drawing simple shapes first, etc., but I felt like the writing support needed took away some instructional time on the drawing end. I’m reconceptualizing the whole unit for next year, starting with doing “Figure It Out” first, then possibly making a game out of the pre-writing component. Then, maybe students can choose a narrative layout sheet, flipbooks, or collaborative brick films for cartooning. Just seems like a new “hook” is needed. I’m also including a link to a portal for digital portfolios, possibly a way to tie all my technology ideas together…

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