Thursday, April 14, 2011

Adobe Story

So, I just signed up for a free program, called Adobe Story (see title link). It is free until April 30th (like many Beta programs, freebies have a shelf life). From Wikipedia: "Adobe Story is a collaborative script development tool from Adobe Systems Inc. It can be used to accelerate the process of creating screenplays and turning them into finished media. Adobe Story is capable of being integrated with Adobe Production Premium Suite.

Adobe Story is available both as a web-based application, and a desktop application. The desktop application helps you work on your scripts when offline, and sync up with the online version later.

Adobe Story is currently under development and available for preview." Pretty cool, most applicable for MS/HS. But, I decided to give it a quick run anyway. The 3 tutorials are straightforward, but it is optimized to run with CS5. Something to think about before downloading and bogging down your hard-drive. I worked online, without downloading & whipped up a quick script. It seems like a video pre-production app, but I could definitely see collaborations via Smartboard and an iPad or hooked-up computer. Here's a screenshot.

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