Friday, April 8, 2011

Hexagon Project

"High school and junior high school/middle school students (grades 5-12) respond creatively to the many themes of global interdependence - real-world issues - and become a part of an international movement to create a more civil, peace-minded and just world.

This project is a meaningful vehicle for allowing young people to think and respond about issues of personal and global importance. There were more than 250 pieces exhibited at an exciting, participatory event in 2008 and more are expected in 2009!" from Hexagon Project, Flickr gallery,
What a great way to integrate art/culture/social studies/math for the upper levels! I also think, the main project, available here, could be adapted for elementary grade levels. Always a great idea to make multiple connections to the real world.See the title link for 250 art images from this project on Flickr.

Also, the resources at Kathy Schrock's site are abundant & full of rubrics, content integrations, etc.:

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