Friday, May 27, 2011

End of Year Teching-Up

In addition to all the artwork being taken down & returned, the last projects (700+) being graded, cleaning-up, and order organizing, I'm getting inbox messages regarding all the freebie tech apps I signed-up for expiring. So now, I'm re-upping for next year! Animoto--yes! My Bluehost (okay, I pay something, but locked-in a good rate)--yes! Both blogs--yes! Slideshare--yes! Voicethread--yes! The title links to another site highly regarded by fellow art teachers, Edmodo. I also have to do an e-portfolio this summer, so I'm sure that will entail other resources I am not even aware of yet. And yes, I am teaching an animation seminar this summer, so I'm seriously thinking about Framethief. If I had used that for Rotoball 2011, I think our animation would have been so much easier (plus, a tripod). Now, back to grading....

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snippets of a Show

Today is our spring concert/art show for our elementary. Here's some snippets of the foyer display for parents to enjoy when they come to our vocal concert. Believe me, there's over 300 pieces of art down the halls & in showcases, too! The main display is limited by the amount of display boards available, but we also just had our huge district art show (k-12) a few weeks ago.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Art Club Kudos

Spring concert season is in full force and my LES Art Club was honored to do the bug theme decorations for the Miller concert (kindergarten/pre-K building). It was great fun and we also whipped a few decorations for our LES spring concert/art show on May 19th. We even got a mention in the Miller newsletter (see pictures below). I'm grading and reviewing all the art from April/May, and it has just been wonderful to see where we started in the fall to where we are now in the late spring.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Shows: Evidence of Learning

These past 2 weeks, lots of time has been devoted to our district art show (750+ pieces, k-12), and coming soon, the school art show (grades 3-5). I hang & label up to 200 pieces of art every 6 weeks or so anyway, but I try to glean the most creative and interesting pieces for these shows, plus mix up newer stuff as it gets completed. The title links to Dr. Marvin Bartel's show suggestions, but what really resonates with me is this comment from the website: "Philosophy: It takes extra work to make a nice looking school display of student artwork. So, why should we do it?
1)Children gain self esteem by seeing their work seen by others. 2)Art is incomplete without an audience." Agreed, and among the many reasons I make the time to honor my students' creativity and effort with ongoing displays, plus those 2 time-intensive shows.
So, during the early morning hours, I like to grade, label, hang, and photograph art (the digital photos are part of my ongoing digital gallery at ARTSONIA).
I always get happy looking at a completed "spread", which is 2 hinged boards, each board about 5 1/2 feet by 4 feet. They tell a story--not just about whatever project/media we were focusing on, but the progress that was made, the strides! I see each piece and remember a snippet of what a student told me (e.g. "those are flying ninjas in the trees"), or how we moved through a block ("I did not know I could draw/paint/etc. this good!"), and I simply forget about any other educational worries (usually along the lines of "no time").
So, spring always means extra work for a "creative" educator ( art, band, music, choir---we all do shows), but then, there is the evidence of learning--the performance, the art, the smiling face. Totally exhausting, but totally worth it!

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