Friday, May 27, 2011

End of Year Teching-Up

In addition to all the artwork being taken down & returned, the last projects (700+) being graded, cleaning-up, and order organizing, I'm getting inbox messages regarding all the freebie tech apps I signed-up for expiring. So now, I'm re-upping for next year! Animoto--yes! My Bluehost (okay, I pay something, but locked-in a good rate)--yes! Both blogs--yes! Slideshare--yes! Voicethread--yes! The title links to another site highly regarded by fellow art teachers, Edmodo. I also have to do an e-portfolio this summer, so I'm sure that will entail other resources I am not even aware of yet. And yes, I am teaching an animation seminar this summer, so I'm seriously thinking about Framethief. If I had used that for Rotoball 2011, I think our animation would have been so much easier (plus, a tripod). Now, back to grading....

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