Friday, July 15, 2011

STEAM, Game Theory, & Design Thinking

So, as a result of these Teacher Leader classes I am taking, I'm re-envisioning what art education is all about (essentially, adding more clarity). First, we all know about STEM, but what about STEAM?
Check out the site for neuroscience research, brain-based reasons why we need MORE art in education, etc. Then, there is the cool but I'm still wrapping my head around the implementation curve of introducing game theory to educational praxis (better for HS?). There is also a TedTalk on this, see Then, the one I'm especially enamored of, Design Thinking. The company readily associated with this is IDEO, and ABC News did a story on them 10 years ago: "The Deep Dive". Lastly, for kicks, check out the science songs from "They Might Be Giants" on their album "Here Comes Science". Also, great shadow puppet video here--

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